Open Source Recommendations

Google Chrome Web Browser

Still the best and fastest web browser

Libre Office Word Excel Clones

Not as good a MS Office but works well

MPC-BE Movie Video Audio Player

Lightweight, plays any audio or video file type

Handbreak Video Encoder Converter

I still can’t believe this software is free

AOMEI Backupper Hard Drive Backup

Backup hard drive or clone entire computer

Virtual Box Multiple Operating Systems

Run older or other OS’s inside Windows

HWiNFO64 Analyze Your PC Hardware

View All Your Hardware Real Time Displays

MakeMKV DVD & BluRay Movie Backup

Free 30 days, powerful easy movie archiving

Burn Aware CD/DVD/BluRay Burning

Full-featured free Windows burning software

Open Shot Video Editor Converter

Not the best but it is of the free video editors

CopyTrans iPhone Music Manager

CopyTrans is a great alternative to iTunes

Telegram Instant Chat Messenger

One of the more secure ways to chat

Inkscape Drawing Sketch Paint

Well designed doodler to draw a masterpiece

Krita Painting Illustrations Editor

Painting illustration, best with a pen pad

Gimp Photograph Edit Manipulation

Over 25 years in development and open source

Blue Griffin Website Design Code Edit

Little buggy but my favorite free html editor

Blender 3D Animation Video Editor

Not the easiest but the best for free 3D

Unity Game Development Design

Time consuming but wow what can be done

qBittorrent File Share Download

Open source software created by volunteers
    **Only download files from trusted sources

FileZilla FTP File Server & Client

Free FTP File Server and FTP User Client

Team Viewer Remote Desktop

Small pop up ad after use, but works very well

Sublime Text Code Editor

Text editor for code, markup, and more

USA Weather Radars

A little older and of my own design but I use it

Know something better?

Although I do a lot of research and have tried a lot of software, I don’t claim to know all.  If you think I missed something that’s better or newer, please contact me and let me know!

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